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Lab 8: Return XML Media Type


  • Learn how to implement content-negotiation.

a. Add Failing Test

Add the following test to the CoffeeOrderWebTest:

public void getCoffeeOrderAsXmlIsOk() throws Exception {
  MvcResult mvcResult = mockMvc.perform(get("/api/coffee/order")

  String xmlContent = mvcResult.getResponse().getContentAsString();

When you run it, it should fail. Note how it fails: what is the return status code?

b. Implement XML Support

Add the following dependency to your pom.xml file in the <dependencies> section:


Now run the test. What happens?

c. Produces Annotation

To force a mapped method to return a specific set of media types, you can use the produces parameter. Change the @GetMapping in the CoffeeOrderController to be:

@GetMapping(value = "/api/coffee/order", produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE)

Run the test again. What happens?

NOTE Before continuing, make sure to restore the mapping to the way it was, i.e.: